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More Projects

A mix of personal projects, game jams and game concepts I designed. These projects show my journey as a game designer, from my very first game jam, up to my latest personal project.

Shout Rallies

Shout Rallies was a summer project with 2 other developers in 2020. It was a prototype mobile game where players had to "outshout" each other through recording messages and sending them to each other. The concept is a digital adaption of the game "Bogies" seen on Dick and Dom. Players would receive point bonuses for tagging their location in embarrassing places to record your "shout".

I created documentation and a main menu screen. We managed to get some basic functionality for some of the systems. Namely shouting into your device to receive a score.

Ultimately we decided to stop working this project as we felt the game idea was beyond our skill level at the time. Perhaps it's for the best, as the location tagging system encouraging people to shout in cinemas and libraries was quite problematic in hindsight...(oops!).

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Pick Your Teams

A solo project made in Unity. In Pick Your Teams, the goal is to make sure you aren't picked for teams last during PE class. The game is a visual novel with branching dialogue choices.

To achieve this goal, you must mingle with your new classmates on your first day at school.

Can you become popular enough to get picked for a team?


Robo-lationships was created for Global Game jam 2020 with a team of 6 people, the theme was repair.


In Robo-lationships, you play as a couples therapist for robots. By closely listening to relationship issues, you must repair relationships by suggesting relevant components and parts.

I designed the game mechanics and UI and also wrote the dialogue for the game. 


Click to view submission.

Turtle Trouble

Turtle Trouble was created for the GMTK 2020 game jam. It was a collaboration with programmer Christopher Robertson (

The theme of the jam was "Rewind", you play as a wind up toy turtle trying to escape a factory. The game plays like an endless runner, where the player has to interact with the environment to clear obstacles for the turtle.

I designed game mechanics and levels and provided the art and animations for the game.


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Scrub Surfer

Scrub Surfer is an endless runner prototype created in Unreal Engine using blueprints.

Set in a dirty kitchen sink, you play as a cleaning mascot who cleans the kitchen sink in style by surfing on a sponge while busting germs.

You can view the documentation for the project in the PDF Viewer on the right.

Bouncepad FPS Prototype

On a summer weekend I decided to prototype a game mechanic for an FPS.

I was inspired by ULTRAKILL and DUSK, so I applied a low res filter by using a render texture to quickly achieve the low res feel of those games.

The mechanic was a gun which generates bounce pads when you shoot it. I didn't take this prototype much further, as after getting the initial functionality, it inspired me to create the game mechanics for Dr. Bounce.

The mechanic is always an idea I can return to and expand on, but it was nice that I was able to prototype very rapidly on a whim.

Impossible Feats

Impossible Feats was created for the Falmouth Game Jam in 2019.  A 72 hour jam, the theme was "Impossible things".

Our team of 7 created a minigame collection of seemingly impossible tasks, such as licking your elbow, or staying awake when on low energy. 

Players had to complete these minigames to fulfill a checklist within a time limit.

The minigames had different gameplay mechanics to represent these tasks. Licking your elbow becomes a maze where you play as a tongue trying to find the elbow ; Staying awake becomes a space bar mashing game which gets harder as your energy meter slowly reduces, as well as your own physical energy.

As the designer on this team, I designed the minigame mechanics and levels, I also balanced the minigames.

This was my first game jam, and was a super valuable learning experience, as well as a great way to work with other developers, and improve my soft skills,


Click to view itch page.

A Wizards Path

A Wizards Path was the first higher scope game I ever worked on. The game was a first person puzzle game set in a wizard tower. 

Players had to mix and match spells in order to solve puzzles. Players could throw objects with telekinesis, scale them and shoot fireballs.

I created the documentation and levels for the game. A build with two levels was released on

Flappy Space

Flappy Space was my first solo dev project. The game is a twist on flappy bird, players have to fly through portals in space and survive to achieve a high score.

I timed a lot of the portals with the music to excite and reward the player when they progress in the game. It's a more exaggerated version of the sound in the original flappy bird.

As a first solo dev project, I learnt a lot about Unity and programming in general. Creating a version of a popular game with a twist is a good design exercise. How do you put your own spin on something without straying too far from the source material? Maybe straying further is a good thing, you can generate new game concepts this way.

Ludoterram: Tennis Superstar

Ludoterram: Tennis Superstar (way too wordy title in hindsight) was an RPG game concept I designed. 

This was a good exercise to improve my documentation skills. I drew gameplay scenarios and characters to help sell the gameplay.


Ludoterram: Tennis Superstar is a lighthearted top down tennis RPG where you travel the sporting world of Ludoterram to become the worlds best tennis player. Prepare for tournaments by assembling a supporting party of characters, purchasing new gear, and planning your days. 

Through turn based tennis battles, players must manage supernatural abilities and use tennis tactics in intense doubles matches. 

The project is something I would love to make a prototype of one day, although I realize the scope is quite large for just a solo developer.

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