Hey I'm Jacob!

I'm a Game designer from the UK, born in Birmingham, currently living in Cornwall. I design games focusing on good game feel as well as ensuring a player experience that is approachable as well as fun.

I specialise in systems design, I contribute to the documentation and implementation of gameplay systems and mechanics I have designed by myself or collaboratively. I can create prototypes and iterate on them in an agile manner based on player and developer feedback and my own design intuition. 


While I specialise in systems design I am also capable of other tasks such as level design, game balancing and pitching, making me a versatile game designer.

I've been passionate about the games industry since holding a GameCube controller at an early age. I play all kinds of games for research purposes and simply for fun too. When I'm not playing games, I enjoy playing a variety of racket sports, with tennis being my favourite. I also enjoy getting stuck in with cooking and sometimes practice playing the bass guitar.

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