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Hey I'm Jacob!

I'm a game designer from the UK, born in Birmingham, currently living in Cornwall. I design colourful games that focus on good game feel. I strive to create a player experience that is approachable as much as it is fun.

I'm a skilled designer, able to take a feature through the entire development cycle - pitch, prototype, production and shipment.


My design work has received accolades including:

-      Industry award ( Games Academy Expo 2022, awarded by industry guests from Mediatonic, Playstation London and more)

-      Game Design Award (Games Academy Expo 2022)

-       IG50 winner (List of 50 employable game developers)

-       G7 summit game showcase

​I create clear documentation with gameplay illustrations that help communicate the vision of my design. My strength lies in creating rapid prototypes that find the fun in an efficient manner with satisfying game feel early on.

I am a flexible designer, however my preference lies in colourful and playful aesthetics. This is because I believe there is more room for experimentation and expression in a looser art direction and tone. Games such as Dr. Bounce and Culinary Coalition have gameplay that would not feel cohesive without colourful and playful aesthetics.

I've been passionate about the games industry since holding a GameCube controller at 4 years old. I play all kinds of games for research and fun. I help organize Esports events for the Cornwall FGC. I love to take part in tournaments for Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. When I'm not playing games, I enjoy playing a variety of racket sports, with tennis being my favourite. I also enjoy getting stuck in with cooking! I make a mean 7up Chicken!

Check out the following pages to see my work:

Use the button below to see a general CV/Résumé.

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