Turtle Trouble

Roles: Designer, Artist, Animator
Team Size: 2
Engine: Unity
Development time: 48 hours

The theme for this game Jam was Rewind. Our concept was a game where you protect a wind up turtle by interacting with the environment to keep them out of harms way. You can rewind parts of the environment to protect the turtle, such as lifting up poison barrels and rising pistons off the ground.

 Contributions to the project
Animation (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
Art 300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
System Design 2 (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
Level Design (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px) (3).png

 As a two person team, I had to provide help in a lot of areas. My teammate is a talented programmer, so all the programming implementation tasks were done completely by them. I was there to provide feedback and guidance to the implementation of game mechanics we had designed collaboratively together. 

I provided all of the art for this project. Using "Magica voxel" I was able to generate the art assets relatively quickly. I then animated them in unity, and then created modular sections to construct my level designs.

Turtle game.gif
View the submission at the itch.io page