Impossible Feats

Role: Designer
Team Size: 7
Engine: Unity
Development time: 72 hours

The theme for this game Jam was Impossible things. Our concept was a mini game collection of seemingly impossible tasks and scenarios. Tackle scenarios such as licking your elbow by navigating an arm maze, attempting patting your head and rubbing your belly, or launching a fish into space. 

 Contributions to the project
System Design 2 (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
Level Design (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px) (3).png
Copy of UX Design (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png

Fun fact: this is the first game project I had ever worked on in a team.

For this project I pitched the game idea to the team and helped lead the vision for the game. Concepting minigame mechanics and collaborating with programmers to help bring the vision to life. I helped balance the minigame difficulty and created level designs such as the arm maze. 

As this game jam was during my first year of university, there was an event were we had to showcase our games in a lecture hall. I presented the game to the rest of the large year group in the lecture theatre, pitching our game to them and showing off our project.

Click below to view the submission at the itch page