Role: Designer
Team Size: 6
Engine: Unity
Development time: 48 hours

The theme for this game Jam was REPAIR. Our concept was a game where you REPAIR relationships between robots as a couples therapist by suggesting parts to mend their relationships.

 Contributions to the project
System Design 2 (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
Copy of Animation (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
UX Design (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png
Bugfixing (300 x 500 px) (300 x 400 px).png

In this project I took part in narrative design by writing and scripting all the dialogue for the game. I also helped to design the scenarios and their link to gameplay. I also contributed to the design and implementation of gameplay mechanics, such as the players repairing inventory and functionality.


In addition to aiding the concepting phase, I helped to implement the functionality of dialogue through the use of the Unity plugin Fungus. I was also on hand to help fix bugs that were linked to the dialogue trees. 

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